“But to transcend the training, to be a force of good in the world, is the most important
a self-challenging entity through training if we are to survive as a force in society.
To be clear, training is fundamental to the survival of the community. We need to be
Being part of the Goju Kai community means more than putting on a gi and training.
karate to make society better?”

A karate community means that we, as practitioners ask ourselves: how can we use

aspect of our art? Peter Brandon Hanshi and Frank Brandon Shihan have become leaders in the upliftment of the human spirit through the art of Goju Kai Karate. They have planted
the roots to the giving tree that is African Warriors Of Light. AWOL fulfils  the highest calling of karate. It facilitates an opportunity for the downtrodden, the unheard of our society to rise up and be heard. Any person who has the desire to be better should be given that chance, regardless of immediate circumstance. That is the essence of a true organization: an equal opportunity platform for self-improvement.

Both Peter Brandon and Frank Brandon will be remembered for a reawakening of
fundamental karate values: Budo spirit, karate training and most importantly, the
GojuKai community through AWOL.

He understood the vision of a truly South African Community. Sensei Geoff Staz, whose father was the personal physician to President Nelson Mandela (they trained together for 20 years in the art of Goju Kai karate), was Frank Brandon’s first student of colour and circumstances. This always held presence in the Staz home. Residing in NYC, Geoff accepted the position of North American Ambassador of AWOL in January of 2019. They have trained together for 20 years in the art of Goju Kai karate.  


He is committed to helping the plight of South African children who suffer under the
legacy of apartheid that Nelson Mandela so vehemently fought. Geoff is focused on developing a strong karate community in NYC. He is currently training a karate class comprised of underprivileged children, and his vision is to create a community of proficient karate practitioners. He plans to acquire sponsorships in the USA to take his students on cultural exchange tours to South Africa.


In addition to giving these students brothers and sisters of the Goju Kai community, they will attend the same dojo where AWOL was born and they will get to experience training with life-changing purpose. The sponsorship money will go directly to the karate training facilities built for the underprivileged children in South Africa. 

Ask Geoff what the vision of his AWOL endeavour in the USA is, and he will tell you:
“To make a child see that life can be bigger than their immediate circumstance. To
give a child a chance to earn a real place in a real worldwide community that is

Goju Kai. That is the highest calling of karate.”