Sponsorship packages

  • Discover the world

    Every year
    Cultural exchange programme
    • Training in local dojos
    • Classes by renowned karateka
    • Meditation and spiritual excursions
    • Karate competition with locals
    • Travel
    • Food
  • Best Value

    The Karate Kid

    Every year
    Sponsor a student for the year
    • Membership fees
    • Equipment (Gi, belt, protective gear)
    • Grading Ceremony
    • National and provincial competitions
    • Travel
    • Food
  • The Calling Card

    Every year
    Japanese cultural exchange and black belt grading
    • Training in world class dojos
    • Classes by Goshi Yamaguchi and Japanese Sensei's
    • Meditation training
    • Cultural excursions
    • Travel to Japan
    • Food

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White belt donor

Up to R10 000

Orange belt donor

Up to R50 000

Up to R250 000

Up to R500 000

R500 001 and up

Blue belt donor

Brown belt donor

Black belt donor

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