Sponsorship packages

  • Discover the world

    Every year
    Cultural exchange programme
    • Training in local dojos
    • Classes by renowned karateka
    • Meditation and spiritual excursions
    • Karate competition with locals
    • Travel
    • Food
  • Best Value

    The Karate Kid

    Every year
    Sponsor a student for the year
    • Membership fees
    • Equipment (Gi, belt, protective gear)
    • Grading Ceremony
    • National and provincial competitions
    • Travel
    • Food
  • The Calling Card

    Every year
    Japanese cultural exchange and black belt grading
    • Training in world class dojos
    • Classes by Goshi Yamaguchi and Japanese Sensei's
    • Meditation training
    • Cultural excursions
    • Travel to Japan
    • Food

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