Private Training Initiative

'Excellence Through Training'

  • Train with World Champions. 

  • Please make a difference by supporting AWOL. All funds generated will be paid into the AWOL Fund to be utilized towards the upliftment of our students from underprivileged communities. 

  • Training is Based on Ancient Traditional training methods of Goju Kai Karate.

  • Training consists of stretching, Kihon (Basic Karate-Do Techniques) Kumite (Fighting combined with Body Conditioning, Developing the body to be strong inside and out. Resistance training and fitness will be included. 

  • Japanese water therapy after training is highly beneficial & is included. Sauna and cold baths are utilized during this therapy.

Price R350 - R500 Donation per hour class with Sauna and Cold bath included. 

Places are limited & will be based on a first-come, first-serve base.

To book a session/sessions, please email us at or phone 0832907327. 

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Kevin Foster

I started at age 73, with Frank Brandon Shihan at the Goju Kai All Africa Dojo. To be calmer and learn self-defense. I began early July, once a week, and then changed to twice a week at the end of July. My body has been pushed to new heights with recovery being quicker after every session. Im loving the journey and look forward to continuing the journey.

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Phillip Barton

After suffering from life-threatening COVID 19 and many days in ICU, I lost 25% of my lung capacity due to severe COVID lung scarring/ hardening.
For the last 4 weeks, I have undertaken a weekly Gojukai rehabilitation course to improve my breathing through ancient techniques combining spine loosening exercises with deep breathing and meditation breathing exercises. The results have been extremely beneficial.

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Nathan Ludlam

Frank Brandon Shihan took me under his wing again after my prolonged absence from Goju Kai due to my Mental Health condition.

After resigning from my work, with the City of Cape Town, and the unprecedented global Covid-19 pandemic Shihan Frank was aware of damage done to my already fragile mental, physical and spiritual state. Shihan afforded me the opportunity of private tuition involving ancient traditional healing techniques and reintroduced me to Hombu Dojo classes.

The private training is dealing with my spirit as well as body and mind.

As a direct result of this training I have new vigour in life! 

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Ashley James

I thoroughly enjoy the one on one training with Sempei Sipho. Not only does he keep me fit/strong but he ensures that my training is in line with Karate techniques. Weekly sessions before work have allowed me to be more productive in my work environment and has been a great boost for my mindset. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to get physically and mentally fit.