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Ncumisa Plum

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Ncumisa’s father the late Patrick Plum was one of Peter Brandon’s students that started 50 years ago.

AWOL strives towards supporting its members and their families through good times and bad never forgetting the work put into the organization by individuals.

Ncumisa was born into Goju Kai and AWOL and has been fully sponsored since. She is a National champion and participated in two world tournaments.

The first year of World Championships she was chosen to participate in was in Mumbai, India in 2013 where she placed 3rd. The 2nd one was in Vancouver, Canada where she placed 3rd again.

We plan to fully employ Ncumisa once the new AWOL headquarters has finished its renovations and extensions in order to facilitate students with board, lodging and training:

We hope to use her expertise in the hospitality industry.

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