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Sipho Pokolo

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Sipho has travelled extensively through the AWOL program:

*He visited Tokyo, Japan on a cultural exchange where he successfully graded to his 2nd dan.

*Sipho also visited Venice on a cultural exchange which was endorsed by both the city of Cape Town and the city of Chioggia.

*In 2013 Sipho competed in the 6th World tournament in Mumbai, India where he became the World Champion.

*In 2017 Sipho travelled to Vancouver, Canada where he became the first South African to obtain a record 5 medals in all 5 divisions, making him the best all-rounder on the African continent.

Sipho plans to devote his life to work within African Warriors of Light by working as an instructor at the new headquarters which will facilitate training and learning of students from across the globe.

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