• Shihan Frank Brandon

Olwethu Gusha

I started Karate at the Gugulethu Dojo in 2002 which opened in that same year. We trained with Shihan Frank Brandon and Sempai Hiti twice a week, every week.

When I started Karate I was very unfit and had very little self-esteem. Amongst many things, Karate has taught me respect and self-discipline. It has taught me that hard work and dedication does pay off and that if you work hard enough, you will be rewarded.

In the beginning I trained with many of my friends but when most of them left, I stayed. I have been rewarded for my dedication by travelling the world, seeing places and experiencing things I normally would not have, all thanks to Karate.

In 2004 I was selected with 26 other students to travel to Italy with Shihan Frank Brandon and Shihan Craig Kansley during the July holidays as part of a cultural exchange program with Italian students. In 2005 I was selected to represent South Africa at the World Championships in Holland. I achieved 3rd Place in my division for Ippon Kumite.

In 2008 I was fortunate enough to travel to Japan where I lived, trained and graded for my Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt) under Saiko Shihan Goshi YamaguchiHanshi Peter Brandon and Masatoshi Yamaguchi Shihan. I have also been a multiple ‘Western Province Champion’ and was the 2006 South African Champion. I have applied what I have been taught through Karate into my academic and everyday lifestyle. I am currently completing my final year at UCT’s law faculty and will be doing my articles next year .

Shihan Frank Brandon has been a huge influence in my life. Because of this I look at life in a more positive manner and realize that life only helps those who help themselves. Shihan Frank Brandon has been like a father to me and because of him I have experienced all the above mentioned and I am forever grateful for all he has given me.

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