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“A few people of integrity can go a long way.”

President of All-Africa GojuKai Karate - Peter Brandon Shihan, 8th Dan

From humble beginnings in the late 1960′s, I have watched the growth of Goju Kai with much pride. During the turbulent years in South Africa, we in Goju Kai strove against all odds to ensure that karate was an integrated sport with no discrimination between colour or creed. Today we can state with certainty that we are truly part of the rainbow nation where all social barriers are stripped away and our students can stand beside each other with pride and dignity.

In my position as the All-Africa President and President of African Warriors of Light, I endorse the work of my son Frank Brandon and have appointed him as the executive chairman to continue building on the foundations laid all those years ago. I believe that the hard work that is being currently done by AWOL to ensure that children from disadvantaged backgrounds are afforded opportunities to learn new life skills and be involved in an environment which offers an alternative to being “on the streets”, is to be supported. Through their endeavors, AWOL has managed to expose students to local and international travel, competitions, seminars to mention but a few activities.

I offer my sincere support to AWOL in all their future endeavors.

Peter Brandon Shihan, 8th Dan and All-Africa

Goju Kai President

African Warriors of Light
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African Warriors of Light is South Africa's first non-profit organization that focuses on empowering and uplifting kids that are less fortunate through the art of traditional karate. The organization’s legacy stems from 50+ years of traditional art being practiced and competed in across the globe. Kids that are less fortunate have excelled through this program and gone on to be well educated, and positioned in society as professionals. We are here to make a difference and support transformation through the art of karate.

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